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I find tradingview platform very intuitive and easy to use. I have subscribed to pro plan and using tradingview for technical analysis. Does it. 60K subscribers in the TradingView community. This is a community for requesting new features, helping others, and asking questions about. TradingView with IBKR Review? Tried it once and found it way too bare bones for me. My review after only a few trades: it is good but it. r/TradingView icon. Go to TradingView. r/TradingView 2 mo. ago My Experience with a Trading Bot and Facing Losses. Discussion. I've embarked. Remove r/TradingView filter and expand search to all of Reddit r/TradingView icon. Go to TradingView Discussion. regulations may call for.

I have been trading for a year now, doing analysis on TradingView and placing them on the MT5 platform but I was looking for a broker that I. Not at all. TradingView paper trading is by far the worst in trying to simulate fills, because they don't at all. No strategy should be based. The software overall is very good; it is lightweight and works fairly fast. However, they have recently shifted direction by featuring some. Hi all, if you disapprove of the Tradingview Phone APP UX change, or would like to contribute your opinion to the discussion Please. I also have my trading account with Alpaca which integrates with Tradingview Weekly Lounge - Questions and discussion. 6 Reddit · reReddit. I really like tradingview. Really big community and a lot of trading strategies and indicators so we can learn a lot from them but as I. Not sure what other people's issues are but definitely day trade with it and it works great. I want to share my strategy with you. I would love your feedback. I use it with a bot that listens to Tradingview signals because it uses a. That's a good honest review. To summarise, yes you can use the feature of free to make money, but there are some nice features in the basic. Simple answer, dont do it! TV is great for charting ONLY, as a HF trader and a scalper, TV is useless and you will loose money. Yeah I think it's probably time for me to find something else. Tradingview already feels too cluttered and bulky without using any indicators. I.

Premium vs Plus. Discussion. It looks like the Black Friday Premium is only $1 more expensive than the Plus ($ vs $). Am I missing. Yeah totally agree. To me it's hands down best charting software. I have it open all day and hemmed and hawed about going for premium package I. Absolutely a scam! The company is a scam. I have made a mistake of getting a paid account. Renewed my subscription for 2 years in Mar. 22 and. TradingView: TradingView is another excellent review to ensure our readers decide on the right stock screener. Please review our updated Terms of Service. Hey guys.. I'm new to the trader world and would like to understand if it's worth buying tradingview if I'm not trading every day. In this video we are covering what you ned to know about TradingView, pricing, free versions, free trials and more. We cover my thoughts on. Trading view is an exceptional charting program that provides just the right amount of extra content to make it a viable long-term option. I. r/TradingView: This is a community for requesting new features, helping others, and asking questions about TradingView. Our founders and team read. I am now % sure that u/TradingView does not care about this Reddit community and they are now actively engaging with their Twitter.

So I'm new to both tradestation and tradingview, I'm attempting to set a market buy order with a stop loss and take profit. Free services that are actually usable in this business are few and far between. Tradingview provides enough value I decided to pay for it. Tradingview has more chart types, indicators, community scripts, and drawing tools. The UI is more customizable (though I'd prefer a more. I made an autotrading bot to receive buy and sell signal from tradingview, but I don't know which strategies or indicators should I use for. It provides you with a dedicated space for all your TradingView tabs to make sure no one will be lost among tons of other tabs in your browser. You'll also.

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